Ordering Guide


In India, eating is a shared experience. Main dishes and starters are traditionally eaten family style,
with all the diners sharing a number of dishes. Hence, appetizers as well as main course
portions are more than optimal for one person.
Traditionally a balanced meal is composed of a selection of different tastes, textures and flavors,
which are combined by the individual to their own taste.
As a rough guide, for four diners you will need one appetizer/starter, two main curry dishes,
one dal. One portion of rice is optimal for two people if they are ordering one of the breads
otherwise it serves one person, similarly on an average one person has almost two breads if not
having rice. A serving of plain yogurt or raita is also recommended to cool down the spicier
If you are ordering a Biryani, order this in the place of dal and rice or a curry dish and a rice dish.
Achar/pickles, chutneys and papadams are sides that go with everything and add variety and
texture to the meal.
Desserts are usually ordered individually, but can be shared between two people.


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